Euro Green Plastic Co Ltd (EUROPIPE) is a member of AMACCAO Group and is a joint venture company specialized in manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings of European standards. EUROPIPE products are manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery using German technology, with quality and safe raw materials imported from the UAE and some Nordic countries.

      Inheriting and promoting valuable experience from the parent company – AMACCAO Group has spent 23 years in managing production and trading of construction materials products, EUROPIPE has been invested methodically and professionally, with modern machinery and equipment imported in complete unit 100% from Germany. In addition, EUROPIPE owns a team of foreign experts operating and controlling quality; directly instruct – train for EUROPIPE engineers.

      At present, Euro Green Plastic Co Ltd has a factory and workshop system located in Pho Yen Industrial Zone (Thai Nguyen), one of 4 key industrial clusters of AMACCAO Group.

      Currently, EUROPIPE is one of three companies in Vietnam able to produce plastic pipes and fittings of up to 1,200 mm in diameter. EUROPIPE is always committed to quality of products – services, especially environmentally friendly and certified to ensure hygienic packaging. In addition, EUROPIPE is committed to a up to 30-year product warranty for all customers.